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About Us

As Canada’s Most Trusted Auto Loan Source we pride ourselves in helping ALL Canadians get a vehicle regardless of credit history.

We have access to hundreds of programs, dealerships, and lenders that can fit ANY need and ANY situation.

When you apply online you’ll have access to 1,000′s of eligible vehicles with different payment and interest options that you can choose from! If your credit is less than perfect, don’t worry! Bad Credit Car Financing in Canada is a BIG part of what we do.

We know that many people in Canada are being turned down for car financing. And we know that we can help with car finance for people with bad credit.

We have helped thousands of people get auto loans in Canada, and continue to maintain the highest level of service and integrity.

100% Guarantee – CarLoan.ca will make sure you get the best possible experience and are contacted promptly by a specialist. Car loans for people with bad credit does NOT mean poor service.

CarLoan.ca is 100% Canadian and family owned!

We provide customers with a private and stress-free approach to auto loans. Almost 81% of the population has some credit problems. If you are one of these people who have faced bankruptcy or may have credit problems, there is no need to worry. Our specialists will match your application with the perfect lending program that specializes in your situation.

They will carefully consider your current circumstance rather than just your credit history which may be less than perfect. Our goal is to take the pressure off you and help you obtain the auto financing you’re comfortable with.

The Process

After you complete the online application, it is sent to our auto-loan specialist as we find the best possible lender for you to partner with. You are under NO obligation to buy a vehicle and finding out your options is always free.

Interest rates can vary depending on your credit. Obviously if you have very bad credit the interest rate will be higher, but you will be able to discuss that with the specialist when they call you.

Terms can range from $0 down and 0% interest to a few thousand down and up to 15% interest depending on your situation. Length of term can be 3 - 7 years depending on the payment structure you’d like.

Credit Rebuilding

If you are in a credit rebuilding stage an auto loan is probably the BEST way to re-establish your credit rating. Owning a vehicle and making regular payments for a year can dramatically increase your overall score. Many people choose this option and then sometimes re-finance when credit is restored.


We abide by all privacy laws in Canada and you are under no obligation to use our site or service. We respect your privacy and hold the security of this site and services to the highest standard.

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Discover the best auto financing programs in Canada. Whatever your credit history may be, we have a solution for you! Our process is simple and hassle free!