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Every country has different procedures when it comes to securing auto loans, and this is especially the case when the applicant has bad credit. is an expert in the field because we know how to find you the best loan options in Canada. We have helped thousands of individuals and families secure auto loans to place them in the cars of their dreams. We will help you evaluate your current situation, and can use this information to match you with the right lender.

Looking for a “no credit car loan” might seem impossible... Until Now. We at have special relationships with hundreds of dealerships and lenders across the country that actually WANT your business.

We can help you find that no credit car loan and get you driving FAST (we do not endorse breaking the speed limit... that pun was not intended)

So what’s required for a no credit car loan? It’s easy. Lenders will look at your current situation and see what kind of a risk you might be to lend to. If you’re currently employed and making over $1,800/month then there is a good chance you’ll be approved.

Be sure to make all your payments on time, and establish good credit. This will help with any future loans you might want.

We know exactly how to get these no credit car loans and we’ll be happy to help in any way we can.

We are Canada’s #1 spot for no credit car loans, bad credit car loans and even good credit auto loans!

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