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Car Maintenance Tips

When you own a car the better you maintain it, the longer that the vehicle will last you. Purchasing a car is making an investment and wants to makes sure that you make the most of your car by revealing these important maintenance tips to keep your vehicle clean.

1. Whenever you are cleaning your tires, make sure that you use a different cloth than you would use on the body of your car.
2. When you do clean your tired make sure you do so with a stiff brush and a good quality cleaning product.
3. Only use car cleaners to clean your car, as household cleaners could damage upholstery.
4. Rinse your cloth frequently so you do not scratch the finish.
5. Clean out the door jams of your car frequently.
6. Rinse your car from top to bottom when you are done washing it.
7. Clean the rear of your car last when you are washing the body.
8. Spray the hose from top to bottom at the end of your hand wash.
9. Dry your car with a soft cloth to prevent water spots.
10. Apply wax whenever the surface is dry, and you have previously cleaned it.

Schedule for Car Maintenance

1. Make sure you check the air in your tires every single month, as well as fluid levels, and record the information.
2. Every three months check your belts, air filter, batter, as well as your oil and the oil filter.
3. At 6 months you should check the body for damage, and even look at your windshield wiper blades.
4. Every year you should check your suspension, spark plugs, and your brakes.
5. If you follow this schedule it should save you from unexpected expenses that could cost you a lot of money.

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