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Bad Credit Auto Financing

Auto loans or bad credit auto financing in Canada does exist. Many think that you won’t be able to find auto financing because of bankruptcy or similar credit problems. But remember that there are car dealerships that work with you if you have any type of bad credit history. We have a large network across Canada of auto loan lenders that have great experience in bad credit auto financing. has taken out the stress and time it usually takes when you apply for a car loan.


The 3 killers of credit score:

1) Late Payments

If you have late payments of any kind, these can cause a big hassle and should be avoided if at all possible. Be careful to make all payments on time.

2) High debt to income ratio

The banks or lenders don’t like it if you have too much debt compared to your income. Reduce debt to help your credit score look better.

3) Bankruptcy

Any of the above 3 factors can make the banks or lenders nervous. These are all put together into you credit score that is used by lending agents to figure out what kind of a risk the borrower is.


High risk applicants can work with special lenders who work in those situations. Many Canadian sub-prime lenders have higher interest rates because or the potential risk of default by the borrower, it’s important to understand that some lenders do specialize in bad credit auto loans. These lenders can give you very competitive rates.


Sometimes a bigger down payment for auto loans for people with bad credit may be needed. Understand that the lender who works with bad credit car loans might be able to help reduce or get rid of the need for a down payment. has helped thousands of Canadians with bad credit or no credit get car loans. Even with competitive rates and terms! Our strong record of success speaks for itself, and we look forward to working with you to receive your auto financing.

Bad credit no longer restricts you from receiving a car loan in Canada. Almost everyone can get approved! The auto loan financing industry in Canada is competitive, which means that lenders want your business.

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